Robert Indiana

LOVE, 1966-96 by Robert Indiana.

A preeminent figure in contemporary and American art, Robert Indiana was born in New Castle, Indiana. From 1978 he lived and worked in Maine. Though widely acknowledged as a leader of the Pop Art movement, his work maintained a strong emphasis on the social and political landscape of America, exploring racial inequality, abstraction and disillusionment. 

Indiana studied in both Edinburgh and the USA before moving to New York in the mid-1950s. It was during this time that he joined a community of artists in Coenties Slip, where he began utilising found objects to create dynamic installations and honed the ‘hard-edge’ style that would eventually inform the production of his most iconic work, LOVE, 1964.

His work is held in major collections and he has exhibited extensively, with solo exhibitions in over 30 galleries and museums worldwide.