Li Yuan-chia

Untitled, 1993 by Li Yuan-chia

A strikingly original artist, Li Yuan-chia was one of the founding fathers of Chinese abstract painting in the 1950s. His work and commitment to engaging the spectator continues to influence artists to this day.

Li Yuan-Chia moved to Bologna from Taipei in 1963 and was a member of the Punto group of artists. He exhibited at Signals London gallery in 1965, with Hsiao Chin, Ho Kan and Pia Pizzo. He then moved to the city the following year. In 1968, after a brief visit to the north east of Cumbria, he decided to stay and founded the LYC Museum & Art Gallery. Between 1972 and 1982 the gallery exhibited the work of more than 300 artists and engaged with the local community. From 1983-94 until his death, Li Yuan-chia produced a most distinctive and important body of work. 

Li Yuan-Chia's work can be found in several museums worldwide and his archive can be studied at John Rylands Library, Manchester. A retrospective exhibition was hosted at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in March 2014. The LYC Foundation, which he founded, is committed to increasing awareness of his work and promoting educational activities.