Images of new Gordon Cheung artworks now available

Images of stunning artworks in Gordon Cheung’s new exhibition Unknown Knowns, at Edel Assanti, are now available on Artimage.

Images of new Gordon Cheung artworks now available

Revealing the ‘unknown knowns’

On show from 10 March to 15 April 2017, Gordon Cheung: Unknown Knowns brings together new artworks which continue the artist's interest in historical revision and the mechanics of power that govern our understanding of the world.

The title references Slavoj Zizek’s observation that Donald Rumsfeld’s theory of knowledge omitted a crucial fourth category, ‘unknown knowns’ – the things we don’t realise we know; the unconscious beliefs and prejudices that determine our perceptions and actions.

Images of three artworks from the show are now available to license through Artimage. These include Cheung’s monumental triptych Great Wall of Sand, 2017 (above), which interweaves ancient cartography, 3D Google maps and Chinese plans for the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative to draw attention to the underlying politics of world geography.

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Browse our new images below, in addition to some other recent Gordon Cheung works. Alternatively view all his images here.

Pivot, 2017:
Pivot 2017 Gordon Cheung

Cradle of Civilisation, 2017:

Cradle Of Civilisation 2017 Gordon Cheung

Island, 2014:

Island 2014 Gordon Cheung

Inverted Tulipbook de Hoer, 2013:

Inverted Tulipbook De Hoer 2013 Gordon Cheung

Trembling Sunrise, 2011:

Trembling Sunrise 2011 Gordon Cheung

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